Alnico Magnets

The alnico magnet is basically composed of aluminum, nickel and cobalt. This type of magnet has a high remanent induction but low coercivity. It presents a great stability in extreme temperatures, maintaining its magnetic characteristics.

The quality of this magnet is the one that presents a better behavior against the increase of temperature. The magnets made with alnico do not present any type of oxidation problems.

Alnico magnets, has no problems with oxidation

The Alnico Magnets or also called educational magnets are manufactured using an alloy formed by aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co). They may also contain copper, iron and other components. This alloy is ferromagnetic and is used to make permanent magnets.

They were invented in 1930 by T. Mishima. They were magnets with a certain resistance to maintaining magnetism, that is, with a high coercitivity. At that time, they were the strongest magnets on the market until the appearance of rare earth magnets such as samarium magnets or neodymium magnets.

Although there are stronger magnets such as neodymium magnets or cheaper magnets such as ferrite magnets, they are still widely used. Even so, Alnico magnets suffer from price variations because of their high use of cobalt as a raw material.

Alnico magnets are ideal for applications and uses where high heat resistance is required and they do not break so easily. They are very stable magnets at high temperatures, reaching working temperatures of up to 500ºC. Some applications can be clamping or detection inside ovens.

The most commonly used form of an alnico magnet are horseshoe magnets, especially at an educational level, where magnetic fields can be differentiated and all the concepts of this sector explained.

Alnico magnets are products made of a very hard and fragile material. This factor must be taken into account when using and manipulating this type of magnets, since, if they break or are hit, they can splinter or break, and release small pieces towards us.

Applications of Alnico Magnets - Educational Magnets

Horseshoe magnets are magnets used in education and teaching, as they allow us to see magnetic properties and differentiate different magnetic fields, in a more visual way.

Some of the applications of alnico magnets such as the magnetic agitator are: separators, sensors, motors, generators, electric guitar pickups, safety systems, among others, thanks to its high level of magnetic induction.

Types of Alnico Magnets

  • Bars of alnico
  • Discs of alnico
  • Blocks of alnico
  • Alnico earrings
  • Alnico magnet with bridge a through-hole
  • Alnico magnet with two-hole bridge
  • Horseshoe magnets
  • Cylindrical shoe
  • Low base with Alnico internal threading
  • Cylindrical base with Alnico internal thread
  • Cylindrical base Alnico steel body
  • Alnico Magnetic Stirrer


Applications of Alnico magnets / Uses of Alnico magnets

Alnico magnets are used in applications with high temperatures up to 500ºC. Some applications of alnico magnets can be clamping or detection in ovens. We can also see uses of alnico magnets in clutches, sensors and even car engines, in generators, electric guitars, among others.

Educational Magnets and School Magnets

Alnico magnets are also called educational magnets because of their multiple applications in schools. They are used to teach the basic concepts of magnetism in the school environment through different experiments and practices, since they are important didactic materials. In ImagnetShop you can buy all products and experiment with neodymium or alnico magnets.

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