In many workplaces, products are usedwhich are potentially harmful or pose an unnecessary risk. Several industrial processes require their use and manipulation by workers is necessary. This situationhas no reason to cause problems or accidents, if proper procedures are followed, as set forth below:

MAGNETICSYSTEMS alwayshavea magnetic field or are magnetized. This field is active when the operating systems arerunning.


  • Place signage panels in areas where magnetic lifting systems are located.

Staff should take precautions and use the appropriate safety equipment and proper procedures to ensure their safety.

  • Use safety gloves when handling magneticsystemstopreventserious damage if limbs or other objects become trapped or can be pinched between the elementsattracted together bymagnetism.
  • Theuseofpermanentmagnetsis particularlyhazardousforpeoplewith pacemakers.
  • Holders of ferromagnetic metal prosthesis should be advised to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters away from every element that generates a magneticfield.
  • Do not approach magnetic systems carrying ferrous objects by hand, in order to avoid personalrisk.
  • Do not carry on your person electronicdevices,watches,credit cards, magnetic cards, calculators, precision instruments, or other magnetic materials, because it can permanently damage or alter their correctoperation.
  • For installation, the magnetic system must be placed safely in a rigid / solid structure and lifting out for periodic maintenance must not be difficult or endanger the person who carries it out ??(guides or side supports).
  • Maintenanceoperationsmustbe performed by stafftrained for this function.Takecare/assurethateach operation is performed with the correct and appropriate means to ensure the safety ofstaff.
  • Tomoveamagneticsystemfrom oneplacetoanother,youhavetobe careful to avoid the system coming near or touching ferrous items or items that are magnetized and / or generate a magnetic field. Always keepasafedistance,about2metres awaytopreventlimbsorotherobjects becomingtrappedorpinchedbetween the elements attracted together by magnetism.
  • Storethemagneticsystemindry conditionsandawayfromsourcesof heatgreater than themagnetic system's maximum working temperature,asthismaypermanently damage it's magneticproperties.
  • When transporting magnetic systems, be careful to avoid shifting their position with sudden movements or shocks during journeys. Anchor in place to preventdamage.


  • Before approaching this equipment, employees using heart pacemakers, should ensure the pacemaker is not affected by its magnetism.

  • Take care when using tools or ferrous itemsnear the magnetic face.
  • Avoid placing disquettes, credit cards or any digital item near the equipment,asdatacouldbewiped ordamaged

  • Do not place mechanical clocks/watches, mobiles or other fragile mechanisms near the magnetic face.
  • Avoid soldering or drilling near the magnetic material.