An electromagnet is an electromagnetic device used for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. Their main characteristic is their great retention force with moderate electricity consumption. They can be designed for handling and transporting any kind of metal piece and can be adapted to the special needs of each sector. The main sectors of application are:

  • Safety and transport: closing devices, automatic doors or fire doors.
  • Lifts and elevators: sensors, stairways, ramps or signing and transport equipment.
  • Packing and packaging: labelling and packaging machinery or automatic dispensers.
  • Medicine: radiology, dialysis, dispensing and artificial respiration equipment.
  • Robotics and machinery: industrial robots, motors, presses, domestic appliances, textile machinery and industrial furnaces.


The electromagnets, the only ones capable of changing the magnetic field

The electromagnets need a power supply to maintain the fields, thanks to it, they are used in multiple electrical devices.

If you do not have a power supply, the best option is neodymium magnets, the most powerful in the market.

If a large holding force and moderate current consumption are required, circular current electromagnets are the best option.

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