Activation electromagnets 

The electromagnets of the ER series are linear single-acting, in which the stroke movement from the initial position to the final position is performed by electromagnetic forces and the return to the initial position is carried out by external forces or by the spring incorporated to the electromagnet. The useful force is obtained from the magnetic force (Fm) by adding or subtracting the weight of the mobile core. The values of the magnetic force (Fm) as a function of the stroke are obtained under the following conditions:

  • Ambient temperature = 35ºC
  • Coil stabilized at its working temperature
  • Supply voltage equal to 90% of the nominal
  • Electromagnet in horizontal position

The arrangement of the connection terminals is what can be seen in the following image. On request, they can be mounted in different positions and dimensions and the terminals can be replaced by free conductors.

The drive electromagnets can be manufactured at any voltage within the range limited by the minimum and maximum voltages.