Circular pick-up electromagnets 

The attraction and the fastening of the ferromagnetic parts is obtained by means of the excitation of the winding of the suction cup. When the power supply ceases, the part maintained is released. If working with suspended loads, the corresponding safety regulations must be observed.


Degree of protection IP65
Thermal class B (130º)
Rated voltage 24V DC
Normalized walking factor: ED 100%
Other voltages, ED or sizes: Consult

This type of electromagnets must be activated only in contact with the metal part.
They are intended for intensive operation without limit of maneuvers and permanent service. Its main characteristic is its great retention force with a moderate current consumption.

Standard coils 24 V = ED. 100% permanent service.

Free terminals of series for all sizes.

Possibilities of supply on demand:

With terminal
The connector has 4 orientation possibilities (4 × 90º) and can be incorporated into the same rectification diode for alternating current (AC) power supply.

The following table gives the values ​​of a maintenance force (Fm) as a function of the air gap (δL), measured under the following conditions:

DC power supply.
Flat part (3μ of roughness) in AºSt37, of the thickness indicated in the table and dimensions equal to or greater than the face of attraction.
Ambient temperature 35ºC.
Coil stabilized at its temperature.
For other conditions of use the force (Fm) may decrease.

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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-20


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-25


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-30


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Kreisförmige Auflese-Elektromagnete IMAVEM-40


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-50


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-65


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-80


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-100


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Circular pick-up electromagnets IMAVEM-150


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* On demand, can be manufactured for any size, voltage, running factor,


C.E.-The products comply with the standards for low voltage 73/23 CEE. Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards 89/366 CEE must be ensured by the user.

When used for lifting and handling loads, a minimum safety factor of 3 must be chosen, the weight of the load must be at least one third of the holding force.

Fields of application:

These electromagnets are used, among other applications, to handle and manipulate ferromagnetic parts in industrial robotics, for positioning of parts, for the maintenance of fire doors, aeration and general security.