Direct current electropermanent 

The direct current electromagnets are manufactured with ferric alloys and operate at 24 V DC. Its operation is very simple, when we activate the current a magnetic field is generated that remains concentrated in the iron framework, thus allowing any type of restraint.

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DC electro – Neodymium Quality IMAVP20/ND


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DC electro – Neodymium Quality IMAVP30/ND


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DC electromagnet Neodymium Quality IMAVP40/ND


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DC electromagnet Neodymium Quality IMAVP50/ND


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DC electro – Neodymium Quality IMAVP65/ND


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DC electromagnet Neodymium Quality IMAVP100/ND


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The direct current electromagnets are intended for intensive operation without limit of maneuvers and permanent service. Its main characteristic is its great retention force with a minimum consumption of moderate current.

These electromagnets are used to handle and manipulate ferromagnetic parts in industrial robotics, for positioning of parts, for the maintenance of fire doors, aeration and general security.