Rectangular electromagnets 

An electromagnet is manufactured with ferrous alloys and operates at 24 V. direct current. On request, they can also be manufactured in alternating current. Its operation is very simple: when the current is activated, a magnetic field is generated that remains concentrated in the iron armor, thus allowing any type of fastening.

This type of electromagnets is activated only by electric current. The electrical connection is made through a connector located at the end of the electromagnet that has four orientation possibilities. (4x90º)

The lower face of the device has threaded holes for fixing.

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Rectangular electromagnets IMAREC100/35


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Rectangular electromagnets IMAREC 200/35


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Rectangular electromagnets IMAREC 400/35


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Rectangular electromagnets IMAREC 500/35


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They are activated by direct current 24V and manufactured with ferric alloys. On request, they can also be manufactured in alternating current. They are used in industrial robotics for the positioning of parts and transport facilities, among others. The products conform to the low voltage 73/23 EEC standards, compliance with the electromagnetic compatibility standards of the 89/366 CEE must be ensured by the user.