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Rectangular electromagnets IMAREC100/35

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Data sheet

Market factor ED 100 %
Weight (g) 85
Nominal voltage 24 V dc


Degree of protection: IP65
Insulation class: B (130)
Rated voltage: 24V DC
Duty cycle factor up: ED 100%
Other voltages, ED and sizes: Consult

Attracting and holding the ferromagnetic parts is obtained by an elctric current through the magnet. When the electrical supply ceases the piece is released. When working with suspended loads safety standards must be respected.

Connecting to alternating current (AC) only for sizes IMAREC150 / 60 to IMAREC500 / 60.

The electrical connection is made via a connector on the end of the electromagnet (1). The connector has two orientation possibilities (2 x 180) for IMAREC sizes 100/35 to 600/35 and four IMAREC sizes 150/60 to 500/60 IMAREC (4x90).

The underside of the device has threaded holes (M-6 / M-8) for fixing.

The following table gives the values of a holding force (Hf) as a function of the air gap (δL) measured under the following conditions:

     Dc supply (DC).
     Flat piece ( roughness) in AºSt37, the thickness indicated in the table and dimensions less than the attraction face.
     Environmental temperature: of 35 ° C.
     Coil stabilized at its working temperature.

For other conditions, the magnetic force (Fm) may decrease.

Code P a 20ºC (W)
e (mm) Air gap(mm) δL

Magnetic holding

forces Hf (N)

0 0.1 0.2 0.5 1
IMAREC100/35 10 1 32 22 12 8 6
3 396 308 120 45 8
6 604 320 190 52 12
10 752 468 238 60 18

e (mm): thickness of the piece to hold

Standard sizes:

Plano ERM

Code A (mm) B (mm) C
D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) H
Weight (kg) Press-
IMAREC 100/35 125 35±0.3 34±0.1 25 50 10 M6 2 0.9 PG-9


The magnetic remanence after turning off the electric current is approximately 5% of the holding force.

Grounding is recommended if the metallic parts are accessible.

Ordering code:
size; tension; Load factor
Example: Ref .: IMAREC150 / 35 24 Vdc 100%

EC The products conform to the standards of low voltage 73/23. Compliance with the standards for electromagnetic compatibility 89/366 EEC should be secured by the user.

When used for lifting and handling of loads a minimum safety factor of 3 must be choosen, the weight of the load must be at least one third of the holding force.

Fields of application:

This type of electromagnets are used in industrial robotics for positioning pieces, transport facilities, etc ...

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