Ferrite magnets 

Ferrite magnets are resistant to many chemical substances, such as solvents, bleaches and fluorhydric acid. Ferrite magnets are quality, economical components that can be found in applications as diverse as automation, control, measurement and others. Ferrite magnets can be isotropic or anisotropic: for anisotropic qualities, the particles are aligned in a single direction, obtaining better magnetic characteristics.


Ferrite magnets, a more economical solution

Ferrite magnets, the most economical resource to use in outdoor situations, places where resistance to extreme temperatures (more than 80ºC) is required and in humid places, ruling out the possibility of oxidation. On the other hand, if you need a magnet for small spaces indoors in which great clamping force is required, the right magnet would be the neodymium magnet.

To use the magnet outdoors, a good recommendation would be the rubber-coated magnets, but we also have different pots magnets ferrite with sizes and shapes for all types of needs.

Ferrite magnets have a lower budget, together with their high resistance to high temperatures and oxidation.

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