Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets are resistant to many chemical substances, such as solvents, bleaches and fluorhydric acid. Ferrite magnets are quality, economical components that can be found in applications as diverse as automation, control, measurement and others. Ferrite magnets can be isotropic or anisotropic: for anisotropic qualities, the particles are aligned in a single direction, obtaining better magnetic characteristics.

Ferrite magnets, the cheapest solution - Cheap magnets

Ferrite magnets or also known as ceramic magnets are made of a synthesised iron oxide (Fe2O3), barium ferrite oxide (BaFe2O4) or strontium, depending on the quality required. Ferrite magnets were discovered in 1950 and are similar to alnico magnets, if we speak of magnetic force.

In this way the ferrite magnets have a great hardness, but at the same time, a high fragility. Even so, they are magnets made from the most economical magnetic material and offer us a good balance between strength and price.

Ferrite magnets can be isotropic or anisotropic; for anisotropic qualities there is an alignment of the particles in only one direction, obtaining better magnetic characteristics. In this way, multi-pole ferrite magnets can be easily obtained.

The temperature with which these ceramic magnets can work ranges from -40ºC to 250ºC, with Curie temperatures not very high.

The outstanding factor of ferrite magnets is undoubtedly the resistance to oxidation, maintaining the magnetic and physical properties of the magnet for longer than the rest of the magnets, without the need for coating. It is possible to coat the magnets with ferrite to obtain a higher level of safety and hygiene. They are easy to distinguish from the rest by their physical appearance and we will differentiate them by their dark gray color from the oxide they are formed.

In case of working with ferrite magnets, we must take safety precautions, as they are very hard and brittle magnetic products. Depending on their handling or use, we can cause the magnets to break and expel small particles.

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Applications of Ferrite Magnets - Cheap Magnets

Ferrite magnets, thanks to their low cost, are used in different applications that require the incorporation of a permanent magnet. Applications such as direct current motors, loudspeakers, pump drives, toys, magnetic filters, craftsmanship to make souvenirs or decorative elements, magnetic closures.

They are also used as anti-scale magnets for water exits or entrances in houses or as magnets for water pipes. Ferrite magnets can be used as water magnets, as they are made of a material that is very resistant to oxidation.

Types of Ferrite magnets:

  • Ferrite discs
  • Ferrite Blocks
  • Ferrite rings
  • Magnetic ferrite base
  • Magnetic ferrite base with internal threading
  • Magnetic ferrite base with external threading
  • Magnetic ferrite base with through-hole
  • Ferrite magnet with hook
  • Rubber-coated ferrite magnet


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