Ferrite Blocks

The ferrite blocks can be isotopes or anisotropic; for anisotropic qualities an alignment of the particles in a single direction is produced, with which better magnetic characteristics are obtained. Ferrite blocks are resistant to many chemicals such as solvents, bleaches and hydrofluoric acid.

Like the disks, ferrite blocks have north and south poles on larger surfaces or faces.

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Ferrite blocks are ceramic magnets with all flat and rectangular faces, a factor that favors their clamping force, thanks to a larger surface on which to adhere.

Magnetic blocks are ferrite magnets that withstand temperatures up to 250 ° C, temperatures are much higher than those that neodymium magnets can operate. These magnetic ferrite blocks are cheap magnets very resistant to corrosion, which can be used outdoors or for uses where humidity or water have a certain presence. This does not mean that they are magnets for water, but they have properties that allow you to work with it without any problems.

They are also very resistant to working with chemicals such as solvents, bleach and others, allowing the ferrite blocks to be damaged or to lose some of their magnetic properties.

If you want to buy magnets for workshops and external fixings, maybe you are interested in buying this type of magnet, because they are cheap magnets of very good quality.

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Among all the ferrite magnetic blocks, there are two types of magnets, isotropic and anisotropic magnets. These magnetic ferrite blocks are ceramic magnets whose main characteristic is high hardness. The hardness is such that they must be cut using tools containing diamonds.

The disadvantage is that the material is very fragile and sensitive to shocks and falls, reason to take precautions for all its applications.

Applications of magnetic ferrite blocks

Magnetic ferrite blocks are inexpensive, flat-faced magnets, very adaptable to applications that require a magnet withstanding temperatures up to 250ºC at low cost. Magnetic blocks are cheap ceramic magnets that can be used for:

- Magnetic closures
- Magnetic separation
- Magnetic systems manufacturing
- Lifting systems
- Speakers and microphones
- Electric motors

There are magnetic ferrite separators that perform more industrial tasks and avoid maximizing the maintenance and safety costs of the production chain. An example is magnetic ferrite plates, magnets very similar to magnetic ferrite blocks made of ferrite. They are responsible for picking up and extracting any iron or metal particles that leaked during the manufacturing process, before being packaged with the final product.

Where can I buy ferrite blocks?

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