Fixing Pot magnets 

The magnetic fixing pots have a plastic coating, they are suitable for fixing cables or assembly pipes. Thanks to its tilting system allows a better grip on any metal surface. The same as neodymium magnets, their clamping force allows their application in small spaces where a large magnetic force is required.


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Knife carrier 460mm, Black, Axial, 80ºC, IMA 46.002


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Exterior thread pot magnets 58 x 58 x 15 x 22.5 x M6 mm, adhesive force 30 kg, Axial, 60ºC, IMA58BLPA


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Interior thread fixing pot magnets 58 x 58 x 15 x M6 mm, adhesive force 30 kg, Axial, 60ºC, IMA59BLPA


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Fixing pot magnets "V" Shape sides 106 x 68 x 95 mm, IMA 14.10.004


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Magnetic fixing bases, plastic coated with great support

The magnetic bases of fixation are the most outstanding option for the subjection of pipes and wiring.

For outdoor use, ferrite magnets are the best choice.

We also have another type of magnetic pots, with very different shapes and strengths according to needs.