4 magnetic tricks for mothers

In the following article, you can find tricks to use at home with our children. Just buy magnets and enjoy their qualities and benefits.

Yes, yes, you read it correctly. Maybe you haven't really thought about it yet, but the famous phrase "Diamonds are women's best friends": diamonds are a woman's best friends, it could also be called "magnets are mothers' best friends". Of course, it doesn't sound so good, but it's got something real. Buying magnets is a worthwhile investment for the home. Of course, not only mothers should consider this, but also fathers. There are wonderful tricks for which magnets are the basis, which allow us to make time with our children a little more carefree, because we no longer have to worry about the loss of toys.

1. Floating cups are easier to organize.

In addition to being incredibly practical, this trick is surely also for the safety of children. You only have to buy some magnets, more specifically disc magnets. You need as many magnets as you want to protect the cups from falling. Simply glue all the magnets under the cup with a hot glue gun and, from now on, you can attach them to the refrigerator. At the level of your children, of course. The practical side effect is that it will be like a game for the kids and they'll want to put the cups, of course, back in the refrigerator over and over again, so the kitchen stays tidy!

2. For unwanted make-up paints

It is well known that children's makeup has an almost magical attraction and we probably even liked to design lip paints, etc. For mothers, however, this is less charming. Fortunately, magnets can help here, too. If you don't want to punch holes in your bathroom walls, you can easily use a magnetic makeup shelf that can be designed to integrate with the rest of your bathroom. Buy magnets and stick them with hot glue to your makeup box and you can hang them on the makeup shelf at a height where children can't reach. Depending on how heavy they are they would have to obtain a magnet with the appropriate adhesive force.

3. Cleaning aid due to magnetic properties

What kid doesn't like to play with toy cars? Unfortunately, these are rarely collected and more often than not you run into them. To avoid that, you can paint part of the room wall with magnetic paint. If you then buy some smaller magnets and stick to the toy cars, the cleaning is done in a very short time and can even be considered as a game.

4.Key holder

A classic, especially when you're in a hurry, is not the keys. To solve this problem, all you need is a magnet and you need to change your habit a little. Simply place a hook magnet on your refrigerator and from now on hang your keys there each time you return home. It is guaranteed that they will never be lost again. If you have further questions about the different magnets and how to use them in everyday life, you can always contact us.

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