5 applications for your child's room

If you need to save space in the room and don't know how to do it, consult our 5 magnetic proposals and buy the necessary products.

In dormitories or student apartments there is not much space, so the more practical they are the better. In this article we will show you 5 tips on how to make the best use of magnetic discs for your room.

Magnetic pencil holder

If you like to study and have everything in order, you will have no problems to put into practice this do-it-yourself craft. Simply clean some boat or pencil holder and attach with glue or another system, a small magnetic disk. This way, you can hold the pencil holder on any metal surface, from the refrigerator to the window frame, and keep everything tidy.


To order in the fridge

When you share a flat, it's understandable that you also share the fridge. However, this can sometimes lead to difficulties, especially if there is not enough storage space for everyone. To do this, simply place different magnetic disks on the tuppers or containers and let them adhere to the refrigerator from the inside, getting everything tidier and optimizing the limited space. This way, everyone can have their own shelf in the fridge.

Magnetic Organizer

Routine is a somewhat complex concept for most students. To keep track of all tasks and appointments, especially at a time of your life with constant change, a task planner is ideal. If the refrigerator wall doesn't have enough room for sticky notes, you can easily create a magnetic board on the wall of your room with a magnetic plate or magnetic foil. Simply attach the magnetic foil to the wall and all the notes can be placed there.


Some plants in your house

Students often have neither the space nor the time to care for plants. However, one or the other would like to have some vegetation at home. Therefore, an "indoor" vertical garden with hanging plants, which need little care, is ideal. If there is still room in the refrigerator, they can be attached to the refrigerator door and, if not, simply secure a sufficiently strong magnetic plate to the wall. Now you only need to place disc magnets in the pots and then on the wall. Of course, you should check the adhesion of the magnets beforehand so that they are strong enough to support the weight of the plant.


Custom fridge magnets

As a souvenir of friends and family, you can easily create custom fridge magnets yourself. Simply print your favorite photos on photo paper and stick magnetic discs on the back. You'll get beautiful photo memories you can hang without punching anything.

With these five tips, the room should look quite different. If you have any questions about our magnetic products or need more information, you can contact us at any time.

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