Ferromagnetic materials that are magnetizing

In this article we will clarify some technical terms. First, we must know what ferromagnetic means at all. It is a composition of the Latin word "ferrum", which means iron, and the Greek word "magnetis", which means magnesia stone. Ferromagnetic materials include iron, steel, nickel and cobalt in their pure form and also alloys of these materials. They have the special property that they can magnetize and come into contact with magnetic substances, even become magnets.

Why can these substances be magnetized?

Ferromagnetic materials consist of numerous smaller elementary magnets that are disordered in their non-magnetic state. It is these elemental magnets that help magnetize ferromagnetic materials. Simply create an external magnetic source from the outside of the fabric. Being close to the external magnet, elemental magnets are classified and aligned in the same direction as the magnet. This magnetizes the material. It is practically a copy of the externally applied magnet. However, this also means that high temperatures or strong vibrations, this newly discovered magnetic disposition can be interrupted again. When this happens, the ferromagnetic material is demagnetized again. This type of magnetism is called remnant magnetism.


Advantages and disadvantages of ferromagnetic materials.

Ferromagnetic substances can also group together magnetic fields to strengthen them. The fact that they are easy to magnetize can also be an advantage, as they can be objective. Otherwise, however, it can also be a disadvantage, since in many production processes in assembly tables by loudspeakers or even magnetic transport systems may arise unintentional magnetic sources that magnetize the materials. As a result, complete production processes can be interrupted or even interrupted, which can mean considerable costs.

Therefore, ferromagnetic materials offer advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how you use these materials and you should know their properties to avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises. You can find out more about our products on our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further advice.

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