How do you make a mosquito net with magnets?

If you want to install a mosquito net with magnets, in ImagnetShop we propose different options. Check the article.

What is the benefit of a magnetic mosquito net?

The installation of a mosquito net can be done in different ways. Two types are the most common: perforating or with self-adhesive tape.

Drilling vs. tape

The perforation has a great disadvantage, when the summer ends and the mosquito do not represent a major danger and we can remove the mosquito net, on the other hand, the grid is difficult to eliminate.

With a self-adhesive tape, this is much easier. However, adhesive strips lose their adhesive power if they are over-tensioned. This can happen, for example, when you try to quickly raise the grid to pass an object.

Magnetic tapes, which are also self-adhesive, are another alternative to mosquito nets. In this species, the problems described above do not exist. The dismantling of the grid is practically eliminated. Even the uprising isn't a problem with this guy. This type of advantage offers another advantage, which is especially interesting for tenants; There is no need to change the living space, which may have to be undone after disposal.

You need a grid that can be shortened to different lengths if you decide to mount a grid with magnetic tape. This has the advantage that it can be attached to different windows or doors.

mosquitera con imanes

A self-adhesive magnetic tape can also be used in many other applications in addition to flight screens. So you can use a magnetic tape for temporary fixation of curtains and fabrics. In addition, a magnetic tape is also suitable for attaching photos and posters. A self-adhesive magnetic tape is also a very useful tool in trade fair construction.

Using magnetic tapes for your network will solve many problems.

How to make a mosquito net?

You don't always have to buy an expensive product. In the example of the mosquito net, this can also be done by itself.

Below is a guide on how to make and attach an unframed mosquito net. This requires magnets and washers. Flight screen frames are expensive, bulky and difficult to handle. In addition, these are generally fixed with Velcro, which is not permanent. In the velcro closures, the net of the flight screen is quickly broken in repeated dismantling and Anmontieren.


Solved with magnets, these inconveniences are eliminated. Then, they stick relatively easily to the place where the fly's mesh is going to be placed. In the next step, the metal objects must be attached to the net of mosquito nets. For this purpose, for example, flat washers, which can be sewn to the mosquito net. Now you can attach the fly screen mesh in a few easy steps. If you want to remove the net from the flight screen, you can now easily remove it.

Which magnets work best for flight screen networks?

In the example above, rectangular magnets measuring 10 x 10 x 2mm are suitable. These are relatively flat and cuboid and are therefore very suitable for fixing a grid. The magnets weigh up to 1.2 kilograms, which is clearly sufficient for a mosquito net.

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