How do you make a motor with magnets?

Motors made with magnets can generate energy without the need for electricity, being much cheaper.

Where's Allem? Why should one consider using a magnet motor? Simply put, magnetic motors can generate power without having to use electricity. Of course, the size of the magnet motor depends on how much electricity is generated and what you can do with it. In this article, to illustrate the operation, we will take as an example an engine model, since it can be built as an experiment at school.


How does the magnet motor work?

A magnet motor is through a particular arrangement of the magnetic fields. Once this system is started with the help of a little initial energy, an incredible power of movement can be created. Of course, it is often said that it would not be lucrative to use a magnet motor because it requires additional power. However, it should be noted that the magnet motor generates up to 10 times more energy than is needed to start. That's a remarkable achievement. It is also worth using a magnet motor for different fields of application.


How do you assemble a magnet motor?

To make a smaller model to illustrate the functionality you need:

  • a nickel-plated disk magnet with neodymium

  • a wooden screw with tip

  • a 1.5V AA battery

  • a flexible copper cable

The use of a magnetic motor.

Unfortunately, the magnet motor was never really accepted in the industry, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. As already mentioned in different sizes and resistances, for example, they could be installed in a vehicle and propelled. What would that mean? You never have to refuel. Both could be the Benz in motors with electric motor, being more ecological. It could also be used as a power generator in a home, but this would not want to be seen, as it would dissolve the dependence of the power company.

As you can see, there are many different applications for magnet motors and it can be adapted to all kinds of functions. Try the experiment with a small version at home and see for yourself. If you need more advice, you can contact us, we will help you. Of course, you can also search our shop for different types of magnets.

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