How should neodymium magnets be stored?

Neodymium magnets are the most powerful magnets on the market and we must be careful when using them in what application.

Neodymium magnets, as we have already explained in other articles, are among the most powerful magnets on the market. They're also called super magnets. Many processes would not be conceivable without their influence and like many devices would not work at all.

However, neodymium magnets also have some drawbacks, including that their effects may be extremely affected in certain circumstances. For this reason, it is important to store magnets correctly, it is best if you can protect the magnet to protect it from certain factors. So let us first clarify what these factors are.

What influences can negatively affect neodymium magnets?

There are three main elements to protecting our magnets:

1.       Moisture: As such, neodymium magnets can come into contact with water and do not immediately lose their magnetic strength. However, they oxidize rapidly, because they also consist of iron. Therefore, it is advisable to store magnets dry, even if they are covered with a protective layer. Exactly, this can also be sensitive to moisture and usually comes off over time.

2.       Heat: In general, 60 degrees are already considered critical for neodymium magnets and from 80 degrees they begin to lose their magnetic effect. Of course, this does not apply to all magnets, there are even variants in which other substances have been added that last up to 200 degrees.

3.       Shocks or blows: Of course, it's not like a magnet is a raw egg that breaks with every impact. However, caution must be exercised, especially if the magnets are fragile, then splinters may occur on impact. It may also be that in neodymium magnets the atomic arrangement within the magnet changes in the case of particularly strong blows. As a result, the magnetic force can be changed.


How are magnets stored correctly?

To make it easier, you simply need guidance on how to obtain the magnet supplied by the manufacturer. They are often supplied in cans because the conductive material protects the magnet and dampens the magnetic field. Of course, this can is still covered with Styrofoam or foam, so that the magnet does not stick to the can. Receive the packaged package ideally and securely. Therefore, it is advisable to store this packaging and recycle it, in case you no longer need the magnet and actively lift the magnet.

If you want to keep several magnets, you must be careful never to store them in parallel. Therefore, there should not be the same poles side by side, since in this way, the magnetic force can be reduced.

You can also place dividing sheets between individual magnets to protect them. However, it is important to keep neodymium magnets at a sufficient distance from each other.

As you can see, it's not very complicated, but there are still some things to keep in mind when storing your magnets. So that you don't lose efficiency and use it in the same way the next time you work, you should always pay attention. In case of doubt, you can also contact us and we will advise and help you.

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