How to make an electric motor with magnets? How does it work?

Each permanent magnet has a north pole and a south pole, as in the case of an electromagnet. Between the north and south poles of the magnet, a magnetic field is formed in the form of lines.

How to make neodymium discs drive an electric motor

Each permanent magnet has a north pole and a south pole, as in the case of an electromagnet. Between the north and south poles of the magnet, a magnetic field is formed in the form of lines that are, of course, only imaginary lines. Imagine that the rotor of the electric motor is like an electrical conductor, which is in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet transverse to the lines of the magnetic field. If a current is allowed to flow through this conductor, a magnetic field is also formed around the conductor, which can form concentric circles around the conductor. Depending on the direction of the current, one side of the driver will suffer field amplification and the other side a field weakening. The side that improves the field will now try according to the law of induction, to eject the conductor in the opposite direction of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet.

 Motor eléctrico

Neodymium blocks in the self-built electric motor

With some commercial parts, you can build a simple DC motor yourself. From the insulated 22G copper wire (approximately 0.6 mm in diameter) of approximately 1.2m in length, we wrap a coil with approximately 20 turns. As a center, we use a D battery, which we then use as an energy source for our DC motor. In the non-flexed state, we let the two ends of the coil protrude from the coil so that they are aligned with each other. The straight ends protruding from the coil should later serve as an axis of rotation for the coil. These ends of the coil are stripped to a length of about 1 cm over half the circumference with a knife. This has the background so that the subsequent current flow through the coil is interrupted with each rotation. The coil is energized half a turn, the next half turn is deactivated.

We take two metal clips, we fold them partially, so that in each case the folded end of the clip protrudes about 4 cm from the rest. The two paper clips prepared in this way are attached to the two poles of the battery by adhesive tape with the end bent upwards, one at the negative pole and the other at the positive pole. We make sure that the two folded sections of the clips are aligned. These two folded sections will later perform a double function. On the one hand, they serve as conductors, on the other hand, they must serve as support for the self-built coil, so they must be aligned.

Now place the battery with the paper clips on a small wooden board, so that the unfolded ends of the clips point upwards. So that the battery does not tip over, we repair it on the wooden board with several pieces of modeling clay suitable for kneading.

The self-made coil is placed with the two ends protruding horizontally into the openings of the two clips.

The battery sticks a small Neodymium disk magnet on its side surface in such a way that its circular surface is just below the inserted coil.

If we turn the coil with a small movement of the finger, we will notice that the coil continues to rotate without stopping. But be careful the sustained rotation will only work in one direction, which we must first decipher. If we push the coil in the other direction, it will stop again. This phenomenon is related to the superposition of the two magnetic fields, that of the permanent magnet and that of the coil that partially transports the current. Only if the two magnetic fields repel each other, the rotation is maintained. This continuous rotation is caused by the constant interruption of the current flow in the coil after every half turn. The half turn with power supply provides the necessary unit.


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A modern industrial society is no longer conceivable without electric motors. One finds smaller electric motors in each vehicle with DC motors such as starter, windshield wiper, window motor and motor for adjusting the rear view mirror. Especially magnets are used in the form of neodymium segments. In industrial operation, the electric motor as a three-phase motor for driving tools and other machines of all kinds is indispensable.

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