How to make magnetic mosquito nets for car windows yourself

To manually make magnetic screens for the car, you simply need quality screen cloth and magnetic strips. It may also be necessary to buy small magnets to hold it in the vehicle.

Especially camping enthusiasts will probably be very interested in this topic. Nothing is worse than spending the night in a car or motorhome and being bothered by flies and mosquitoes all night long. In this case, it is very easy to remedy with a few magnetic strips and a mosquito screen. So how do you make the magnetic screen for car windows? There are several options, depending on the funds available, you can resort to one or the other.

Magnetic Screen Variant 1

It only needs a few fabric magnets and a weight. You can cut the fabric to the right size for your car windows. Be sure to leave enough netting so you have room to hold it with magnets. It is best to use magnets attached with plastic to avoid scratches on the paintwork of the car. Alternatively, you can also use magnetic strips.

Here's how it works: Simply hold the corresponding screen cloth in the window and fix it with the magnets. It is important to make sure that the grid is tight and does not have large spaces, as mosquitoes and other insects can still get in anyway.

This is the simplest and least expensive variant. However, you may need to readjust the magnets on the flight screen more frequently, and you will need to replace the structure each time you want to remove the protection and replace it. Of course, the use of magnetic strips makes this much easier and more accurate.

Magnetic Screen Variant 2

Also for this second variant, you only need a few magnets, a mosquito net and a gravity and sewing kit. However, the design is a little more expensive, but has behind it a more reliable and practical protection against insects.

You can customize the fabric individually to the size of your car window. But make sure that this time there is approximately twice the edge, as in variant 1. Why? You will simply turn it over to place the magnets or magnetic strips inside. So mark with a pen, the part of the edge that can flip, and cut the screen to the proper format. Now you can attach the magnets to the fabric and then turn the edge over and sew the magnets tightly. Now you have a handy mosquito netting that's easy to remove and put on.

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