Magnetic filter, its industrial applications

There are a large number of applications for magnetic filters, for example, in hydraulic and refrigeration circuits, in the plastics and food industry.

What is magnetic filtration?

Magnetic filtration is a type of separation process in which particulate contaminants in the form of ferrous metallic pieces, are removed from a product batch. This process of magnetic filtration, firstly frees the final product from this contamination thereby protecting it, and secondly, the product processing machines are saved from potential damage by the contaminants. Magnetic filtration technology can consist in practice of, for example, magnetic funnel filters in the production lines. Using these type of magnetic filters even small particles of metal impurities can be safely and effectively eliminated.

Another type of very effective magnetic filters, are self-cleaning magnetic filters. During production processes, it is possible that the products to be processed are contaminated by metal particles. For such cleaning processes, these self-cleaning magnetic filters are particularly suitable.

Another field of application for magnetic filter technology is the removal of ferrous metal particles in liquids. For this purpose, special magnetic filters have been developed for liquids, which work very effectively.

filtros magnéticos

Magnetic filters and their applications in the industrial sector

A wide field of applications for magnetic filters can be found, for example, in hydraulic and refrigeration circuits, in the plastics and food industry. Here it is particularly important that metal contamination in food should be avoided at all costs. A well-functioning magnetic filter technology, ensures clean food and, therefore, helps avoid costly claims for product damage and recalls. This refers particularly to areas such as baby food, fruit juices, spices, flour, sauces, cereals of all kinds, milk powder, sugar and chocolate. In the production of yogurt, cream cheese and various desserts, it is possible  that their viscous properties prevent the filtering process. Using strong magnets, in a neodymium magnetic filter, can help prevent this. A rare-earth magnet, such as the neodymium magnet, is a relatively recent development as a magnetic material, having the strongest available magnetic properties. This refers particularly to their coercive field strength and remanence, which both have very high values. The neodymium as magnetic material, is so strong that once attracted and thus filtered, metal contaminant materials adhere strongly to the magnetic filter.


Good suppliers of neodymium magnetic filters

Neodymium magnetic filters are particularly suitable for use in the food industry. Their strong magnetic properties guarantee a good filtration in the industrial processing of food of all kinds. In the field of magnetic filtration, we have acquired a large amount of knowledge through many years of experience and especially through numerous experiments. Benefit from our extensive experience and seek our help for your next filter problems. You can also convince yourself of the benefits of our products, through practical use in your production and packaging lines.



The technology of magnetic filters is of particular importance in the food industry. Especially in the preparation of food, it is important that the impurities are eliminated by magnetic processes. This is especially true for the industrial processing of baby food. When neodymium is used as the magnetic material for filter technology, the magnets used can achieve the required effect even in relatively small dimensions. Due to the strong magnetic properties of the neodymium, the desired properties of the magnetic filter are sufficient for small external dimensions of the magnets, being sufficient to achieve a successful filtration.

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