Magnetic separators are very effective

It is important to take appropriate measures and find cleaning methods that guarantee a sufficiently high quality standard for the purity of food and pharmaceutical products, such as magnetic separators.

Magnetic separation, a very effective filtration method

It is undeniable that, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, the separation of metallic contaminants from products is indispensable. It is important to take appropriate measures and find cleaning methods that guarantee a sufficiently high quality standard for the purity of food and pharmaceutical products. The question is: Does the magnetic separation system used, work with the required effectiveness?

From an initial overview, one quickly arrives at the erroneous conclusion that the efficiency of a magnetic separator, is directly proportional to the magnetic flux density given in Gauss. The strength of the magnetic field is certainly an important factor, but a number of other influencing factors are also important for an objective evaluation of effectiveness.


Important criteria when choosing: Magnetic drums or magnetic grids

A factor which should not be underestimated for the effective operation of a magnetic separator is the configuration of the magnetic separation elements used. A poor configuration can cause the following problems:


If the product flow is too great or too fast to allow the proper separation function of the magnets, this considerably reduces the effectiveness.


In addition, a poor coverage of product over the magnetic surfaces, may even partially obstruct the flow of the product.


A correct and optimized cover by the magnetic separator is the prerequisite for high quality hygienic final products, without metallic impurities, hold-ups and blockages.


The coverage of the flow of the product is optimal if the metallic contaminant particles contained in the product flow are effectively captured and eliminated by the magnetic field of the magnets.


The magnets must not only be installed in the right place, but also at the correct angle with the flow of the product. If this important criterion is ignored, badly placed magnets can adversely affect the electrical system or parts of it.

In extreme cases, this can even lead to equipment failure or damage, which can paralyze production. The proper flow of product over or through the magnetic separation systems, guarantees the successful operation of the entire product line.

Parrillas Magnéticas

For example, the use of a high strength magnet designed for use with foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, does not guarantee that the magnetic system represents an optimal solution for all varieties of food ingredients and their applications. The crucial aspects should be strictly observed, such as the question of positioning and the ease of cleaning. It must not be forgotten that the functionality of the design must adapt to the product to be processed. Last but not least, safety in health and possible alternatives, should be considered an absolute priority.

The treatment of the factors described for the correct application of magnetic separation systems, highlights the complexity of this speciality application. Due to our years of experience, we are familiar with the many aspects of magnetism. Please contact us at any time.


I would like to receive professional advice on magnetic separators

Of many applications where the separation of metallic contaminant particles is used, the applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries are undoubtedly the most significant. To find the most suitable solution for a metallic contaminant particle separation system in  respective applications, individual advice is essential. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible.



The most frequent applications for magnetic separation systems are magnetic drums and magnetic grids. A magnetic drum receives contaminated products from a conveyor belt which fall onto the magnetic surface of the drum’s outer circumference. The metallic particles attracted by the magnets then fall, when they leave the area of the magnetic field of the rotating magnetic drum, and are directed into a separate container.

magnetic grid is a very simple form of separation of magnetic particles, for which no additional electric supply is needed. The arrangement of a magnetic grid may be different. However, it is often a funnel, pipe or channel. Clean products fall through the magnetic grid. The metallic  particles adhere to it and the rest of the product passes through the magnetic grid. From time to time a cleaning of the magnetic grid is necessary, which can also be automated.

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