Magnetic sheets: ideal for the advertising world

It is often assumed that magnetic sheets have to be extra thick to be stronger. Depending on what type of magnet is made, that may be correct, but even thinner magnetic sheets offer many advantages.

In the advertising industry, everything has to be optimized, flexible and, of course, profitable. Many promotions have been planned well in advance and others must be launched overnight. Time should not be a negative factor, it is important to have the right materials and fundamentals to make the idea behind the campaign a reality. In the end, the largest possible target group should be reached, which ideally buys the product or makes use of the service.

Therefore, magnetic sheets should also belong to the standard repertoire used in the world of advertising. Why? Because they are flexible and individually customizable. It's a magnet along with a layer of plastic. As a result, the magnetic layer can be produced in all possible forms on the one hand and can also be printed on the other hand, e.g. with advertising slogans or images.


The thinner the magnetic layer, the more practical

It is often assumed that the magnetic layer must be particularly thick to make it stronger. Depending on what type of magnet is made, that may be correct, but even thinner magnetic sheets offer many advantages. On the one hand, they are cheaper to manufacture and, on the other hand, they also offer economic advantages for the end customer. Not only because the purchase price may be lower, but also because shipping costs are cheaper because they are less heavy. Therefore, they are perfect for any budget.

They are also much more practical to use. Thinner magnetic sheets are easier to cut, fit better to any type of printer, offering a more advantageous surface and plenty of space for custom decorations.


How are magnetic sheets used in the world of advertising?

Magnetic sheets are very interesting for the advertising industry because they are very flexible and easy to replace. Some examples of popular applications are:

  • Advertising in cars
  • Advertising posters at trade fairs or events
  • Advertising posters on scaffolding

You can customize the films individually, which means that the shape can be adapted to your design, as well as the design and colors. Magnetic foils are therefore the ideal medium for your advertising messages. If you have any questions or wish to inquire without obligation, you can contact us at any time, our technical staff will be happy to help you.

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