Magnetic tape as advertising for cars and vans

The magnetic tapes for cars are very useful to provide support to advertising or information elements such as posters or canvas.

Magnetic sheet for cars and their meaning

A magnetic sheet for vehicles, is a thin PVC film on a magnetic rubber substrate, about 0.95 mm thick. With the help of this printable magnetic sheet, which can be placed on any metal surface of a vehicle, adhering to it by its magnetic properties, it is possible to transmit an advertising message to other road users and bystanders. The labeling or printing can be done with eco-friendly printing processes. To protect against sunlight or unintentional damage, the magnetic sheet is coated with an UVI laminate and, therefore, presents a certain resistance to moisture, heat, sun and scratches.


Magnetic rubber labels, magnetic sheet and other advertising options

The possibilities of magnetic sheet as a basic advertising medium are many and various. Magnetic sheet can be isotropic or have anisotropic properties. Isotropic magnetic sheet is characterized by the equality of its physical properties, in particular the remanence and the intensity of coercive field, which occur in all directions. Its multipolar magnetization is limited to one side. In contrast, the anisotropic magnetic sheet is characterized by an orientation of its magnetic elements, which causes an increase in the adhesive force. This magnetization can be either one-sided or two-sided.

As a subcategory, a magnetic sheet can also be supplied as a self-adhesive version. Its non-magnetic side is coated with the self-adhesive, so that the magnetic sheet can be attached safely to any non-magnetic object or surface.

Another version of this magnetic advertising accessory is the PVC magnetic tape, which is available in different sizes. It is easy to label and offers a high level of ease of use and solid resistance to water, alcohol, sodium carbonate and other substances. The PVC magnetic tape is also available as a roll. This roll version, which has even more diverse applications, is coated on its non-magnetic side with a vinyl coating.

The magnetic tape and the magnetic strips can be easily adjusted with scissors to individual needs and can be cut to the desired size.

A magnetic sheet can be magnetized by aligning its magnetic elements on both sides. As a result, a strong holding force can be achieved.

We can respond appropriately to any type of advertising you choose, with the appropriate solution suitable for each individual case.


Personalization of options for magnetic advertising media

Whether magnetic tape, PVC magnetic tape, magnetic rubber labels, magnetic strips or magnetic sheets are used as advertising material, each individual version can be geometrically adapted so that in the end an optimal overall picture emerges as a result. Even strips and individual cuts can be placed on the car or truck, skillfully and imaginatively, so that you can point to any desired product in an attractive way. Of course, the relevant point also plays a decisive role in the exterior contour of the advertising vehicle.



When designing advertising on the car or van, always remember that other road users or bystanders see the vehicle prepared with advertising only for a short period of time. Within this short interval of time, it is important that human understanding can capture and store a distinctive impression of the advertised product. Only if this important aspect is properly taken into account when designing the advertising impression on the vehicle, can a measurable and noticeable advertising result be achieved.

As a manufacturer of magnetic advertising material of any kind, we are very familiar with the problem of optimizing the placement of targeted advertising on your vehicle. Contact us at any time. Get in touch with your queries.

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