Ratio of attraction and repulsive force of two magnets

The repulsive force of two magnets tends to disturb each other's magnets and in some cases weakens them. For more information contact ImagnetShop.

We know that magnets attract and repel each other. However, in this article we want to take a closer look at the relationship of these forces. For example, is the repulsive force of two magnets equal to the force of attraction? How one decreases with the other as the distance between the magnets increases is very clear.

In general, the attraction between two magnets is slightly stronger than the repulsion when two equal poles meet. As we have already mentioned in other contributions, the more regular the particles, the stronger the magnet. If two magnets are placed together, their orientations will support each other and both magnets will benefit, and they will become stronger.

It is not the same with the repulsive force of two magnets, but quite the opposite. They tend to annoy each other and therefore weaken. However, these are not long-term consequences. Once you dismantle the magnets, they will have their original magnetic strength.

Examples of magnets that benefit from their repulsive power.

At first glance, it seems that the repulsion of two magnets is an undesirable effect that should be avoided if possible. That's not it. There are many amazing features that benefit from repulsion.

For example, you can simulate various scrolling functions. Because magnets repel with the corresponding magnetic force, they can levitate objects and, with the appropriate material, even people. Just install the magnets and place the part to be lifted to one of the magnets. This effect is often used for interior decoration or room decoration, as it allows very clean work and does not cause long-term damage. If you no longer want the piece, you can easily dismantle it and reuse it.

Depending on the project you have, you will need one or the other magnet. In this case, you can always contact our technical staff. They are at your disposal, answering your questions and recommending the most suitable magnets for your project.

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