Self-cleaning magnetic filter for particle cleaning

On many occasions, self-cleaning magnetic filters speed up the production of certain products, obtaining greater safety and efficiency.

Self-cleaning magnetic filters are a real relief for all major equipment in the production chain. For automated production lines, it is important that they run smoothly and quickly. To ensure this, it makes sense to install self-cleaning magnetic filters on it. These do not help to manufacture the product, but they assure that there are no contamination problems, which could generate significant costs.

How do self-cleaning magnetic filters work?

Self-cleaning magnetic filters are very easy to install in production processes in order to easily attract magnetic particles such as scrap metal and remove them from the production process. And that even without additional power.

What does all this save you? Unnecessary production interruptions caused by superfluous particles that are deposited in places where they impede the production process. This rupture leads to loss of time and increased costs. In addition, significant damage can be caused by inappropriate particles in the wrong place. By using magnetic filters, this can be avoided.

How are magnetic filters cleaned?

The filtered material from the production process is dropped into a collection container. For this reason, the production process does not have to stop as often as it might be necessary without a magnetic filter. If production is interrupted, these collection containers can be easily emptied and replaced. Other models can also be easily cleaned with compressed air filters or a simple cloth.

You see, all this means little effort and great benefits, so it brings important benefits in the magnetic filter. If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us, our staff is at your disposal to clarify any doubt.

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