The best solutions for the industrial sector are the magnetic separators

The magnetic separation has the function of freeing impurities of the final product and protecting all the machinery involved in the production process. For this there are different techniques and products that will be specified in the following article.

What is magnetic separation?

With the help of magnetic separation can be filtered ferromagnetic impurities that have accumulated during the course of a production cycle. These impurities are usually present in the form of small particles in production. The magnetic separators always fulfill a double useful function at the same time. On the one hand, the unwanted metallic impurities are removed again from the production material, on the other hand, the production machines involved in the process are saved from the damage of the metallic particles due to this magnetic separation.

Magnetic rollers, magnetic filters and other magnetic separators

A particularly elegant form of magnetic separation is the installation of magnetic rollers on a conveyor belt. The magnetic roller is installed at the end of the conveyor belt and acts as a normal pulley. When the conveyor belt is running, any magnetic metal particles present in the transported material are deflected around the magnetic roller. Then they reach the bottom of the conveyor belt, run in the opposite direction until they leave the magnetic field of the magnetic roller again and fall into a separate container.


Another form of magnetic separation is possible with magnets in the form of a plate or block. Its strong magnetic field acts at a certain distance and detects magnetic metal particles up to a diameter of approximately 1mm. With large magnets that can be equipped with permanent magnets and electromagnets, metal particles can be filtered out of a belt below.


Another form of magnetic filtering is possible by means of magnetic bars. These magnetic forms produce extremely strong magnetic fields, but have a slightly smaller distance than, for example, the suspension magnets. The magnetic bars are used in the pipe feed openings and can detect and filter metal particles up to 30μm.


In addition, the magnetic filtering can be done with cylindrical magnets. These are integrated into magnetic roller, tubes and drum magnets. In this type of separation of magnetic particles, the filtered metal particles are continuously removed. Therefore, this separation method is also suitable for large quantities of accumulated metallic impurities.


Advantages of magnetic separators

The cleaning effect of the magnetic separators increases the quality of the final product. Especially when it comes to the food sector, where its quality is of great importance.


By removing metal particles from the production process, they can not damage the finished product or cause wear on the processing machines.

When drum magnets or separators are used, their continuous cleaning ensures a smooth and continuous production process.


Magnetic filters that are equipped with neodymium magnets, can be made smaller due to their magnetic properties particularly strong in their dimensions. Its magnetic effect required for particle filtration is sufficient.



The technology of magnetic filters occupies an important place in the separation of magnetic particles. Due to a large number of possible requirements in the contamination of magnetic particles, the development of numerous variants of magnetic filters has become necessary. We would also like to put at your disposal our extensive knowledge in the field of magnetic filter technology. Therefore, do not hesitate to request our help to solve your magnetic filter problems. You will be impressed by the quality of our products.

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