The most commonly used magnets: Screw-on magnets

Because they are so thin, screw-on magnets are often used to hold objects discreetly and cleanly, such as signs, tools, or posters.

If you have looked at our blog, you know that magnets are incredibly practical solutions for all kinds of sectors and uses. But what to do when dealing with non-magnetic materials? This is not a problem either, thanks to the screw-on magnets. These are disc magnets or magnetic bases with one or two perforated holes and a slight unevenness. The magnets can be screwed to any possible surface with countersunk screws to also benefit from their magnetic strength.

The practical thing is that this type of magnet can also be manufactured in a wide variety of materials, whether neodymium, alnico or ferrite. This means that we can produce a product that suits your needs.

What are magnets used for screwing?

Because they are so thin, screw-on magnets are often used to hold objects discreetly and cleanly, such as signs, tools, or posters. They are frequently used at trade fairs, in the construction of kitchens and furniture... Screw magnets are true everyday helpers as they can prevent accidents caused by objects that are not where they belong.

The screw-on magnets can be used in both private and industrial applications. By being able to use different materials, the product can be 100% adapted to the particular needs and budget of the customer. Our team of experts can advise you exactly which type of magnet is best for your project.

And if you already know what you need, you can simply search ImagnetShop and, of course, also at any time to contact us with any questions.

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