Treasure hunt with magnets

Why magnets help with treasure hunting is obvious. Most treasures are metallic and made of magnetic materials, and since they are rarely seen at first sight, it is convenient if they are automatically attracted and become recognizable and visible.

Magnets can help in the search for lost treasures. There are different techniques and, depending on the terrain in which you move, you will need one type of magnet or another. One of the most commonly used techniques is magnetic fishing.


What is magnetic fishing?

Magnetic fishing is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. Usually, strong neodymium magnets are used, which are attached to a rope and can be left in the water. In the end, like fishing, it's also called magnetic fishing. However, you must make sure that the magnets are provided with a protective layer to protect them from rust.

As a general rule, the larger the magnet, the better, since a larger magnet also means a greater force of attraction. The real traction power of the magnets is not so relevant, since in many cases it has to dive to recover heavier objects that would not come out of the water with the fishing rod alone. You also have to take into account some things, such as the resistance of the rope, should definitely be considered, so that it corresponds to the strength of the magnet. Even the strongest magnet won't help if the rope breaks when pulled.

With this magnetic tool, all kinds of finds are made, from garbage to lost objects and real treasures. However, according to the law, one should explore the area in which one is fishing. In many cases, there is a duty to inform, if it is culturally relevant material.

Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic fishing

It is clear that magnetic fishing cleans the environment. Of course, even if you find items you don't necessarily want to keep, you should pay attention to proper disposal.

At the same time, this hobby can also upset the balance in the environment. Therefore, one analyzes the consequences, so as not to harm the environment, such as, for example, avoiding magnetic fishing in waters with endangered species.

You must also pay attention to your own safety. Just when it starts, it is possible not to recognize what you have just recovered from the water due to object contamination or oxidation. In many cases, the findings may also be weapons or remnants of war bombs. Therefore, magnetic fishing may not be safe.

If you want more information about magnetic fishing or need more information about the right magnets, you can contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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