What are magnetic elevators and how do they work?

Magnetic elevators are a type of magnetic separator made up of permanent magnets that have the function of holding or lifting a heavy object.

What are magnetic elevators?

Magnetic elevators are generally designed as permanent magnets. For a long time they have been used as electric magnets in the transportation of commercial objects. In recent years, the use of permanent magnets as lifting magnets in transport and lifting technology has been widely used.


As a general rule, a lifting magnet consists of strong neodymium magnets, which consist of an alloy of NdFeB. The chemical formula contains neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B). Neodymium is often associated with rare earths. Neodymium magnets have multiple magnetic strengths compared to conventional ferrite magnets. For magnets, the force is usually given in units of N degrees. As the N grade of a magnet increases, the specific magnetic energy increases. Depending on the load you want to lift, we recommend a strong magnet with an N grade between 32 and 50.

elevadores magnéticos

Applications of magnetic elevators.

A strong magnet generates a high density of magnetic flux or magnetic induction. Due to the high flux density, ferromagnetic impurities are not allowed. This results in applicability in all areas where high load capacity is required. The applications are practically unlimited. Magnetic elevators are used in glass production, recycling, automotive, pharmaceutical, mining, chemical, plastics, construction, food and other industries. An example is the safe and efficient lifting of loads.

You can use ferromagnetic elements or irons in foundries, shipyards, steelworks and many other installations with permanent lifting magnets. You can also use them to move tools, such as punching tools. This is experienced in most modern industrial enterprises. For transportation, no elaborate hooks are required.

Another example is the use of magnetic supports for a transport armature, for example, to hold workpieces or to load.

Where can I get magnetic lifts at an unbeatable price?

A specialist for neodymium magnets and magnetic lifts is ImagnetShop. Magnetic elevators made of strong neodymium magnets with high strength are available here. No power is needed to use the magnetic elevator.

The magnetic elevators are equipped with a lever that, when folded, activates the strong neodymium magnet. With the help of magnetic elevators, you can lift very efficiently and conveniently different objects made of different materials. Magnetic lifts are equipped with a lever that protects against accidental demagnetization. The products are also characterized by a very low specific gravity, which is why the products are also perfect to fit perfectly into cranes.

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