What are self-adhesive magnets used for?

The magnets are incredibly versatile, as they are available in a large number of formats and can also be individually adapted to the needs of our customers. 

In this publication, we will look more closely at self-adhesive magnets.

The magnets are incredibly versatile, as they are available in a large number of formats and can also be individually adapted to the needs of our customers. In this publication, we will look more closely at self-adhesive magnets.


How do self-adhesive magnets work?

Self-adhesive magnets are often very thin magnets, similar to magnetic tapes in thickness. On the one hand, they have a normal magnetic surface and, on the other hand, an adhesive film. Therefore, they can be bonded to all types of materials with the adhesive surface, while the magnetic side can be used for a wide variety of applications. Before gluing, be sure to clean the surface so that the magnets adhere properly.

Application options:

Self-adhesive magnets are very practical, because you can attach different objects to them, without having to make holes. For example, posters for exhibition stands can be attached and, when the event is over, can be easily removed without leaving a trace. Simply attach the adhesive side to the poster and the magnetic side directly to the metal surface where you want to hold the object.

These magnets are also often used in the furniture sector. They are used as closures or magnets for furniture as we can attach the magnet to the furniture without having to make any holes. Simply attached the magnet to the door to close with adhesive tape, and on the other side a metal plate. In this way, the furniture will always be kept closed in the easiest way. These magnets are very easy to install and use.

You'll find that these types of magnets offer an incredible variety of uses and creative options. Best of all, you can easily communicate with our specialized staff and tell us your needs, so we adapt the product 100% to your application.

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