Knife carrier  

The magnetic supports for knives and tools have uses mainly in workshops or kitchens. They are very interesting objects in the order in which leaves the set of tools, decreasing the space used and having more at hand the most used.

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Knife carrier 460mm, White, Axial, 80ºC, IMA 46.001


In Stock

11,40 € -20%

Knife carrier 460mm, Black, Axial, 80ºC, IMA 46.002


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Code Length (mm) Colour
IMA 10.001 300 blanco
IMA 10.002 300 negro
IMA 35.001 350 blanco
IMA 35.002 350 negro
IMA 46.001 460 blanco
IMA 46.002 460 negro


Finished in black or white. Upon request, it can be supplied in any other dimension and color. Consult with commercials.

Maximum working temperature:


For a higher working temperature contact our commercial service.

Fields of application:

Support for tools in workshops, factories ...