Stainless steel and ferrite knife holder

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Stainless steel and ferrite knife holder

Stainless steel and ferrite knife holder

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Stainless steel and ferrite knife and tool holder 450 x 47 x 17, Axial, 80ºC

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Magnetic carriers for tools and knives can be used in any place where it necessary to have them to hand, or stored but visible.  Typical applications are in workshops and factories, as they are a practical and simple method of storing in a reduced space, all types of tools which are normally used frequently.


These systems are ideal for use on any metal surface environment, since they constitute, in themselves, a means of convenient and secure fastening.

BLPA Ceiling magnets are provided with a tilting system that allows a better grip on any metal roof.

 Standard sizes:


CodeLength  (mm)Color
IMA 10.001300white
IMA 10.002300black
IMA 35.001350white
IMA 35.002350black
IMA 46.001460white
IMA 46.002460black


Finished in black or white. On request, can be supplied in any size and color. Consult with business.

Maximum working temperature:


For maximum working temperature contact our sales department.

Fields of application:

Support tools in workshops, factories ...

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