Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closures are a type of magnet located inside a plastic casing that is used for closing or fastening applications on interior parts of a car, furniture or other places. It is an economical and durable magnetic solution.

We have three types of magnetic closures: locking magnets, adjustable magnets and recessed magnets.

Magnetic closures, magnets with multiple solutions

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Perfil Magnético de Ferrita con Carcasa Metálica Galvanizada
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Magnetic Profile of Ferrite...

Magnetic Profile of Ferrite with Galvanized Metallic Housing to improve the fixation and protection.
Reference: PLAG01910
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Locking Magnet 45x14x13 Black

The easy installation of the Locking Magnet 45x14x13 in the furniture provides different applications and a simple way to use it.
Reference: VARL05885
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Adjustable Magnet...

The Adjustable Magnet 30,5x29x19 are magnets with a plastic mold as a coating, creating very different magnet shapes.As a fastener it is necessary...
Reference: VARL05891
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Recessed Magnet 16X16,4 Brown

Recessed Magnet 16X16,4 Brown The recessed magnets are magnets from the family of magnetic closures made to insert them into holes made in the...
Reference: VARL05893
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Locking Magnet 45x19x12 Brown
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Locking Magnet - 45x19x12 -...

Locking magnet 45x19x12 - Brown There are different uses and applications for these magnets, especially in furniture, where they can be introduced...
Reference: VARL05886
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Adjustable Magnet 30x29x20...

Adjustable Magnet 30x29x20 Black The adjustable magnet 30x29x20 is a magnetic closure molded with plastic, to obtain different shapes for a better...
Reference: VARL05892
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Locking Magnet - 31x19x11,3...

Locking Magnet 31x19x11,3 White They are magnets used to lock the doors of the furniture providing a better fixation and maintenance of the element.
Reference: VARL05887
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Adjustable Magnet 15,5x16,5...

Adjustable Magnet 15,5x16,5 The adjustable magnet 15,5x16,5 is a magnetic product based on a plastic mold that shapes the magnet to improveits...
Reference: VARL05894
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Locking Magnet 84x10x13,5...

Locking Magnet - 84x10x13.5 - BrownIt is a locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 - Brown that we will find in different applications and utilities in the...
Reference: VARV05745
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Locking Magnet -...

Locking Magnet - 32.5x11.5x12.5 - WhiteThe locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 can be found located in furniture and doors as it has an easy installation...
Reference: VARV02048
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Locking Magnet - 60x16x15,3...

Locking Magnet 60x16x15,3 Black We can install these locking magnets in locations inside furniture and get different applications in them.
Reference: VARL05888
Price €1.55