Magnetic Closures

Magnetic closures are a type of magnet located inside a plastic casing that is used for closing or fastening applications on interior parts of a car, furniture or other places. It is an economical and durable magnetic solution.

We have three types of magnetic closures: locking magnets, adjustable magnets and recessed magnets.

Magnetic closures, magnets with multiple solutions

Magnetic latches or so-called magnetic closures are magnets embedded in a plastic casing or coating that are used especially as a security element to secure and close furniture doors and/or car compartments. Sometimes, we can find them as magnets for doors, thanks to the function they perform. This type of magnets are manufactured with ferrite magnets, thus obtaining lower costs.

They are ideal for keeping all doors, cabinets and drawers closed, and ensure greater security for everyone in the house. They are perfect for quick and easy installations, as they simply need to be screwed or inserted into holes created in the furniture or compartments to be fastened.

There are different types of magnetic locks, depending on their installation and use. Some are screwed into the same door, others are fitted into previously created holes and others are inserted into locations where they are held by tabs installed in the latch.

All share the need to install a counter plate in the door to be fastened, in order to create a force of attraction from the magnet and fasten it.

Types of magnetic closures:


Applications of Magnetic Locks / Uses of Magnetic Locks

The magnetic lock can be found inside cabinets, holding the door and keeping it closed in case of air flow. These magnetic latches can be installed in drawers to ensure that they are not half open.

The magnetic clasp is also a perfect complement for locking compartments of cars, vans and other cars that have different locks.

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