Adjustables Magnets 

The adjustable magnets are a type of magnet molded in plastic on the outside, providing different shapes to the magnet according to its fixation.

To fix it is necessary a fixing method such as screws or nails, or some product with incorporated glue.

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The Adjustable Magnet 30,5x29x19 are magnets with a plastic mold as a coating, creating very different magnet shapes.As a fastener it is necessary to use elements such as screws or nails.


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Adjustable Magnet 30x29x20 Black The adjustable magnet 30x29x20 is a magnetic closure molded with plastic, to obtain different shapes for a better adaptation in your application. To fix it is necessary to use screws or nails.


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Adjustable Magnet 15,5x16,5 The adjustable magnet 15,5x16,5 is a magnetic product based on a plastic mold that shapes the magnet to improveits effectiveness at the time of application.


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It is a magnetic closure used to absorb the door and leave it closed, or push it out, facilitating its opening. The adjustable magnets are interesting for their easy way of working. We can find them installed in furniture doors, drawers, kitchens, among other functions.