Adjustable Magnets 15,5x16,5mm White - Magnetic Closures

Adjustable Magnet 15,5x16,5 White

Adjustable Magnets 15,5x16,5mm - White

Adjustable Magnet 15,5x16,5 White

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Reference: VARL05894

Adjustable Magnet 15,5x16,5x15

The adjustable magnet 15,5x16,5 is a magnetic product based on a plastic mold that shapes the magnet to improve
its effectiveness at the time of application.

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Product Details

16.5 mm
15 mm


The adjustable magnet 15,5x16,5x15 is a very practical magnetic element since it allows us to install it with some ease and without too much experience. It will help us to keep closed doors, drawers or cabinets
Its function is to absorb the element to be fixed, without allowing it to hit and hold it.
Its fixing must be done with screws or nails.