Adjustable Magnets 30,5x29x19mm White - Magnetic Closures

Adjustable Magnet 30,5x29x19 White

Adjustable Magnets 30,5x29x19mm - White

Adjustable Magnet 30,5x29x19 White

Reference: VARL05891

Adjustable Magnet - 30,5 x 29 x 19 - White

The adjustable magnet 30,5x29x19 is a magnet with a plastic mould as a coating, creating very different magnet shapes.

As a closure it is necessary to use elements such as screws or nails.

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The Adjustable Magnet 30,5x29x19 are very useful thanks to the ease of installation and use they get. They can have different functions and applications in furniture, doors, drawers and other elements.
They are from the group of magnetic closures and their main function is to absorb the door, leaving it subject and not allowing its opening without any action.

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