Locking Magnets 

The locking magnets are magnetic solutions that are applied to cabinet doors and other furniture, for fastening the doors. Its easy installation helps to use them in different applications. It belongs to the group of magnets of the magnetic closures.

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The easy installation of the Locking Magnet 45x14x13 in the furniture provides different applications and a simple way to use it.


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Locking magnet 45x19x12 - Brown There are different uses and applications for these magnets, especially in furniture, where they can be introduced very quickly.


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Locking Magnet 31x19x11,3 White They are magnets used to lock the doors of the furniture providing a better fixation and maintenance of the element.


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Locking magnet - 52x17x15,3 - Black Perfect application in office or home furniture, being very easy to use and apply.


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Locking Magnet - 84x10x13.5 - BrownIt is a locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 - Brown that we will find in different applications and utilities in the furniture sector, holding closet doors or drawers. They are very easy to install and use.


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Locking Magnet - 32.5x11.5x12.5 - WhiteThe locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 can be found located in furniture and doors as it has an easy installation and holds elements such as doors and does not allow it to open or close involuntarily.


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Locking Magnet 60x16x15,3 Black We can install these locking magnets in locations inside furniture and get different applications in them.


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Locking Magnet 49,5x19,6x11 White This lock magnet can be used in furniture, providing greater firmness and support. It is very easy to apply and use it.


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If you are looking for a solution to close quickly and safely, without a doubt, the best option is the locking magnets, since you can use it for closing without the need for keys and with the shortest possible time.
It is not necessary to use screws to fasten or install it. It is equipped with an anchoring system through lateral openings.
If its application is on non-metallic surfaces, it will be necessary to incorporate a metal plate against it, to activate the magnetic functions of the magnet in use.