Locking Magnet 32.5x11.5x12.5mm White - Magnetic Closures

Locking Magnet - 32.5x11.5x12.5 - White

Locking Magnet 32.5x11.5x12.5mm - White

32.5x11.5x12.5 - White

Reference: VARV02048

Locking Magnet - 32.5x11.5x12.5 - White
The locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 can be found located in furniture and doors as it has an easy installation and holds elements such as doors and does not allow it to open or close involuntarily.

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The locking magnet - 32.5x11.5x12.5 is a kind of magnet installed in furniture and doors. It allows to obtain a greater fixation in elements of this type and its installation is quick and easy, by means of screws.

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