Magnetic Separators

Industrial magnetic separators are used basically to protect crushing machines and to remove metal particles in manufacturing processes. They are specially made for all kinds of industries, including food (preserves); ceramics (tiles), the chemical industry, mining, the pharmaceutical industry, recycling, etc.

Magnetic Separators are solutions for the industry

Industrial separation systems are used to protect machinery in production processes in different industries such as food, recycling, ceramics, pharmaceuticals or mining, among others.

What are magnetic separators?

Magnetic separation is a chemical process where magnetic materials are separated. Separators are systems that use a magnet to remove impurities from metallic materials. They can be used throughout the production process. It can be manufactured and adjusted for the attraction of different magnetic materials and their intensities. We can find them in all kinds of shapes and materials.

They can be applied in all types of industrial applications. We can find it to work in the popular food industry, for recycling, etc. Where we prevent products in a food chain or recycling plant from being protected against product contamination such as magnetic chips, etc.

They can be manufactured in different types of materials such as ferrite, rare earths, alnicos and a variety of other forms. You can contact our sales representatives.

What kind of magnetic separator is there? For the separation of metal fragments:

  • Magnetic plates: Small metal parts that go through ducts or gutters that work in an inclined position. These magnetic plates are removed through a magnetic plate that manages to attract this waste. They can operate with an electromagnet system or through permanent magnets.
  • Magnetic drum: Installed on the outside of the conveyor belt. In this way the magnetic product is automatically cleaned that goes through tapes or in free fall. They can work with electromagnets or permanent magnets. This magnetic drum can attract much larger and heavier chips. They work very well for fine materials.
  • Magnetic filter: magnetic filters are systems of magnetic bars can be removed iron fragments such as metallic. Requires periodic cleaning. At IMA we can manufacture them with rare earth materials, which require high intensity and can extract fine ferrous contaminants.
  • Magnetic Bars: The bar magnet, or bar magnet, is designed to separate small particles of iron. This variant of magnetic bars can be adapted to any type of work platform such as liquid areas or where there are solid flows. They are made from rare earth metals for greater work intensity.
  • Magnetic Grid: Magnetic grids are ideal for removing ferrous or paramagnetic elements such as sugar, cereals and granules, etc. They are available in a variety of shapes from square to circular.
  • Electromagnetic Plates: These systems are designed to extract iron from less contaminated materials. They do not require energy sources such as electricity, so it comes with easier maintenance. This equipment is manufactured in Ferrita and neodymium. For more information consult one of IMA's technicians.

o   Magnetic ferrite plates: Attract large particles such as screws, washers and wires.

o   Neodymium magnetic plates: They can attract a large number of particles that the operator cannot see during the manufacturing process.

  • Magnetic filter for liquids: it is a magnetic system used to filter iron particles in liquid products. Used in hydraulic circuits and refrigeration systems, they are manufactured in stainless steel that allows them to be used in the food industry.
  • Magnetic tubes: These systems allow for greater protection in installations. They are made of stainless steel for manual cleaning. There are 3 types of tubes:

o   Magnetic torpedoes: For chips, nuts, nails and staples.

o   Magnetic tubes with stainless steel casing: For cleaning during production.

o   Magnetic tubes with external separator: Perfect for ferrous particles such as dust.

  • Rotating magnetic separators for liquids: Perfect to eliminate the ferrous elements that contaminate them. They operate through rollers that are driven by a reducer that is rotating with a steel roller.
  • Metal Detector: Can be used on mining conveyor belts. It can be installed in areas of meat industry, aggregates, gravel pits, quarries, etc. This professional metal detector requires a voltage of 220 V to work, for more voltages ask our technicians. For more technical information please contact our sales team.
  • Telescopic magnet: The telescopic magnet is perfect for automobile workshops to pick up parts in areas where the operator cannot reach. It is recommended to keep it away from children.
  • Magnetic broom: The elements that collect dirt from the work areas. It's perfect for working and saving. The release mechanism is much more comfortable when it comes to collecting the elements. You can consult the measurements of our magnetic broom with our commercials.



What are the benefits of magnetic filtration?

The use of magnetic filtration in some industrial systems has several advantages when using it:

  • Maintenance costs: The use of magnetic systems reduces the cost of using disposable filter systems.
  • Flow Limitation: Normal filters have flow limitations, with a magnetic separator we do not find flow limitations as they become saturated with ferrous particles.
  • Greater durability: They have more durability than conventional mechanical filters.
  • Quick Inspections: In case of oxidation or any other problem that we can visually detect, we can change it preventing future breakdowns.
  • Cleaning: These systems can be easily cleaned unlike other filters that need to be thrown away or repaired. These should only be cleaned to get on with the job.

Who sells a custom magnetic separator?

ImagnetShop is the online factory specializing in all types of magnets with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. It has one of the largest magnet factories in Europe. In its wide range of possibilities you can find different models of magnetic separators for different industrial sectors.

You can contact ImagnetShop and buy magnetic separators of the highest quality and at the best price.

You can buy metal detectors at

At ImagnetShop, you can purchase custom-made magnetic separators, according to the customer's technical specifications and in any quantity. They sell to both private customers and companies and can assist you throughout the product selection process.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the sector and their large stock, they are able to offer the best prices to all industrial sectors. You can contact us by phone or email. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm.