Magnetic Filter with Rotating Bars - Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Filters with Rotating Bars

Magnetic Filter with Rotating Bars

Magnetic Filters with Rotating Bars

Reference: IMAFILROT

The Rotary Bar Magnetic Filter is a magnetic separation system that has been developed to separate ferrous contaminants.

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  • The magnetic filter with rotating bars helps the flow of the product because the magnetic bars rotate and thus push the product towards the outlet.
  • The magnetic bars are wrapped in tubes. These tubes are removed from the separator by means of a pneumatic operation and the ferrous contaminating particles fall freely in a tank outside the separator, without the need for manual cleaning by users.

It contains:

  • Magnetic bars of high magnetic force, according to the requirements of the product to be filtered.
  • Rotary system of magnetic bars (for products resistant to flow).
  • Square and welded withdrawal mechanism.
  • Quick and easy cleaning due to the removal of the tubes from the magnetic bars.
  • Available in all dimensions.

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