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Magnetic Lifter IMA2000

Lifting Magnets IMA2000

Magnetic Lifter IMA2000

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The Magnetic Lifter IMA2000 is a magnetic system used to transport heavy objects thanks to its great clamping force.

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The magnetic elevator IMA2000 is a magnetic lift made by Neodymium magnets with great force. They work without the need to use a source of electrical energy. To activate it, it is sufficient to turn the lever to the right side approximately 100 degrees.


The IMA2000 magnetic elevators are very practical and efficient, allowing the manipulation of different parts with different surfaces. They have a safety lever that protects from demagnetization by mistake. Thanks to the low weight of the elevator, it can be introduced in different systems such as cranes.


They are SAFE: Safety coefficient of 3 and lever with safety lock.

They are POWERFUL: Great capacity, even with large air gaps.

They are very LIGHT: Force of detachment of 80 to 115 times its weight.

Very COMFORTABLE TO USE: They magnetize and demagnetize with one hand.

They are EASY TO MAINTAIN: Possibility to rectify the magnetic contact poles regularly.



Contact surface: Elements such as rust, paint, oils or a rough surface generate an air gap and reduce the force.

Thickness: If the material to be transported does not have a minimum thickness, the force of attraction is greatly reduced.

Length and width: If we increase the length or width of the material to be handled, the ends may curve and the surface may no longer be flat, a factor that produces an air gap between the magnetic system and the part. This usually occurs with thin thicknesses

Material: Steels with low carbon content are good conductors of magnetism, while steels with a high percentage of carbon lose their magnetic properties, reducing the strength of the magnet.

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