Magnetic Tape

The IMA magnetic tape easily adheres to any metal surface, is very flexible and stays magnetized permanently. We can supply this material in different finishes: natural, with adhesive, in rolls or sheets of different thickness, length and width and with white vinyl coating resistant to water, alcohol, sodium carbonate and other agents.

The magnetic labels are supplied with a white cardboard and a transparent plastic. They are versatile and suitable for the organization of products in warehouses or supermarkets. The magnetic profiles are designed for the closing of screens, sliding doors, and mobile partitions, among others. They are available in different colors. All our magnetic tapes can be used both outdoors and indoors in signs, advertising texts, ski-carriers, advertising for vehicles, etc.

Magnetic tape CM1 isotropic: Magnetized multipolar on one side, offers adequate clamping force for a wide range of applications.

Magnetic tape CM2 anisotropic: Thanks to the orientation of its magnetic particles, this material has a greater force of attraction. It is magnetized by one or two faces, which makes it perfect for countless applications.

Magnetic tape, the best signaling option - Flexible Magnets

Magnetic tapes or also known as flexible magnets are a magnetic solution widely used in applications that require better adaptation and easy installation, thanks to its main feature, flexibility.

Magnetic tapes are magnets that maintain their magnetization permanently, a factor that allows this flexible magnet to be used in any application, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to their own production of 50-metre-long magnetic tape reels, they can supply different sizes, thicknesses and specific coatings (for water and other chemical products) in very short periods of time, according to the needs of their customers.

The wide catalogue of flexible magnets offered by ImagnetShop allows you to choose between lengths, different widths, sizes and colours. They also offer tapes per loose meter or per coil, and according to magnetization that can be isotropic or anisotropic.

Magnetic Tape Applications - Flexible Magnets

The flexible magnet is an indispensable element for advertising media. Thanks to their ease of installation, flexibility and competitive prices, magnets are widely used to label metal surfaces such as vehicles, posters, shelves, among others. In the labeling of cars is usually used a type of magnetic foil called magnetic foil with measures or standard or also with specific measures provided by the customer.

Magnetic labels are widely used as an object for signalling areas in warehouses, as magnetic labels for document organisation and even as task markers on magnetic boards.

They are perfect magnets to create different forms of souvenirs and types of magnets personalized for the fridge, having the opportunity to paste a picture on top of the magnet and leave it in view of everyone, on the door of the fridge.

Magnetic tapes allow us to manufacture and manufacture home made magnetic screens for sales and doors.

Not only can be used on metal surfaces, as it has the type of magnetic adhesive tape that allows you to hold it in any area thanks to its adhesive tape.

Their flexibility allows magnetic tapes to be used in a large number of applications. Magnetic tape type - Magnetic tape

Magnetic tapes or flexible magnets differ according to their magnetization in two large groups: magnetic tapes CM1 and magnetic tapes CM2.

The types of magnetic tapes are:


Who sells magnetic tapes at the best price?

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