Adhesive A4 Sheet Ø20x1,5mm

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Adhesive A4 Sheet Ø20x1,5mm

Adhesive A4 Sheet Ø20x1,5mm

Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
Reference: IMATROC1765

This Adhesive Magnetic Sheet is already prepared and die cut so that you only have to separate the circles you want to use and apply them directly to the object or to the desired surface. There are a total of 77 circles 1.5mm thick and 20mm in diameter.

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Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
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Stay at the forefront of modern ideas and add a magnetic touch to your business cards with our magnetic sheet. This way it can be placed in the fridge or other magnetic area so that it is always in view.

You can also give this extra touch to all types of photos, drawings or posters so that you can remove and put them quickly and easily.

Its operation is very simple, on the one hand there is the magnet with a force of 95g / cm2 and on the other hand there is the area of the glue that you will use on the photo or the surface that you want to transform into a wall or magnetic board.

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