Adhesive magnet for kitchen 100 pieces of 1.5 mm x 16 mm

Adhesive magnet Ø16x1.5mm

Adhesive magnet Ø16x1.5mm

Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
Reference: IMATROC1752

Magnetic self-adhesive magnets are also available for more everyday use, such as at home or in the office. Thanks to their magnetic strip, they serve as a support for hanging notes, sheets, accessories and even kitchen utensils. Pack of 100 units. Pack of 100 units.

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Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
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Our round sticker magnets are not only for commercial use, they are also designed to help you be more comfortable in everyday tasks.

Many chefs have their knives in front, glued to a magnetic strip to promote comfort without being a dangerous system. In this way, the kitchen utensils are perfectly glued to the wall and will not wobble or move at all. In this way, they will not interfere, but they will always be within your reach.

The preparation will not take you five minutes because it is simplified as much as possible so that it is not a long and heavy task.

You just have to remove the protective layer on the opposite side of the adhesive magnet and stick it in front of your work table, or stick it directly on a sheet or accessory that you want to transform loving. Then you have to do the same, this time sticking the magnetic magnet where it will be most comfortable for you.

Now that the wall or the piece of furniture has magnetic tape, just touch the two magnetic sides to make them stick.

Despite the fact that it is a strong magnet, it will not take any effort to remove it as they are designed for this.

There are many uses for our cheap sticker magnets, the only limit is imagination.

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