Adhesive magnet for magnetic decoration 100 pieces of 1.5 mm

Magnet Self-adhesive 25x11x1,5mm

Magnet Self-adhesive 25x11x1,5mm

Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
Reference: IMATROC1748

Magnetic magnets are used to make home decorations without damaging walls or other supports. This way you can stick them on any smooth surface to decorate. Pack of 100 units.

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Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
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Do you already know the self-adhesive fridge magnets?

These are cheap magnetic magnets that can be easily cut to meet your needs.
You can create magnets for refrigerators without worrying about the size of the image because you can cut this magnetic tape
to the size you want.

By using a magnetism system, you can create your own fridge magnets, but that's not all because
thanks to this system, you can also place them on any type of smooth surface like mirrors , windows, etc. .

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your home economically and without damaging the walls with nails or other systems, these are your decorative magnets.

Put photos and drawings throughout the house without making your life complicated. Just remove the protective layer and stick it on the image you want to hang. Then cut another one of the same size and place it in turn in the area you plan to decorate. By joining the two magnetic magnets they will stick.

Remember that the larger the piece of magnetic tape you cut, more gripping power!

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