Natural magnetic sheet with 54 small die-cut circles

Magnetic A4 sheet Ø30x1.5mm

Magnetic A4 sheet Ø30x1.5mm

Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
Reference: IMATROC1757

The natural magnetic sheet comes already die-cut with circles of 1.5mm thick and 30mm in diameter. You will have a total of 54 circles that are ready to place wherever you want.

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Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
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If you are an artist and you really like to create educational material, you can use the small circles of this magnetic sheet to bring back to life drawings of animals and / or magnetic people and hang small magnets on these drawings.

This way you can show the accessories of the day, the different fruits and vegetables, you can also cut out numbers so that the little ones learn to count. Cut out magnetic letters to learn the alphabet, and if you cut several letters from each, they can even learn to write words in a simple and practical way.

As it is light and flexible material with the self-adhesive back, there will be no type of danger if used correctly.

With the order of a self-adhesive magnetic sheet, you will receive 54 circles 1.5 mm thick and 30 mm in diameter. Remember that the smaller the magnet, the less force it will have.

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