Magnetic sheet with 48 cheap punched rectangles

Magnetic A4 sheet 50x24x1.5mm

Magnetic A4 sheet 50x24x1.5mm

Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
Reference: IMATROC1760

The Magnetic Sheet with a rectangular shape has a size of 50x24mm and on the magnetic sheet you will have a total of 48 rectangles. They are 1.5mm thick, making them very thin and perfect for hanging small magnets or cards.

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Currently available, 2 weeks of manufacture
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If you are browsing our online store of magnets looking for new decorative challenges, do you dare with these magnetic sheets?

You can create all kinds of custom magnets of the size you want since thanks to its flexibility and simplicity. You just have to remove the protective tape from the layer that contains the glue and it’s ready.

You can use the different rectangles of our cheap magnet sheet to paste different images that you can give to the different guests of your party or wedding.

You have 48 magnets on this 50x24mm size adhesive sheet with which you can create many different things and automatically transform them into magnetic objects. < / p>

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