Adhesive Tape 300x20x1,3 mm

Adhesive Tape 300x20x1,3 mm

Adhesive Tape 300x20x1,3 mm

Reference: CM1A02110

The self-adhesive magnetic tapes are 300mm x 20mm x1.3mm. They come in packs of 10 units and are designed for all kinds of enhancements such as hanging pictures, posters and photos without making holes.

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If you are a practical person, these magnetic tapes, also called magnetized sheets, are perfect for you.

With a very simple design and a simplified application, it will take less than 5 minutes to create your own magnets.
How? Very easy, you just have to remove the protective layer of the glue to be able to fix it where you chose it.

Now that you have a magnetic sheet, you just have to decide what you want to hang on this magnetic surface.

Being an easy to cut material, you can transform different everyday objects into real magnets. You can use it with posters, frames of different sizes, calendars, advertisements or promotions. You can even stick it behind your business card so they can even put it on the fridge to always have it on hand.

They are delivered in packs of 10 units so that you can personalize many objects thanks to our self-adhesive magnetic tapes.

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