Magnets for DIY & Workshops

Discover our magnets for DIY and workshops to make magnetic decorations!

The fashion for decorations with magnets is back, and many DIY activities and workshops are emerging with differents types of magnets.

There are more and more accessories and magnetic complements that allow you to do DIY with magnets for children and adults to create your own magnetic decorations. But if you are a person who prefers simple and practical things, in this section you will find our leisure magnets which can be perfectly adapted to the different ideas you have on your mind.

Sticker magnets for custom workshops and DIY

Below we will show you different options and you can get ideas for all kinds of workshop activities, homemade DIY, kids activities, games as well and crafts that will help you create original magnetic decorations.

You can use them to create authentic works of art that will make things much easier. The magnetic closures are resistant and adapt perfectly to furniture and doors so that they close completely. These homemade workshops are a bit more complex than simple hobby magnets because in this case you will need to use screws or other tools to get full support. For this reason, magnetic closures are also called furniture magnets, but they can also be used for windows, doors and drawers.


If you want to go a little further with sticker magnets, you can always leave a positive hello message, a funny note and even the menu you have prepared for today, among many other uses. But without a doubt, if you want to take the personalization of magnets to the next level, we have the sheets and the magnetic tapes.


  • We have self-adhesive magnetic plates also known as magnetic sheets, perfect for making crafts or DIY with magnets of all kinds, so let your imagination run wild and think about the amount of possibilities you have to create your own magnetic walls .


There are endless DIY activities that you can do with sticker magnets that can also be personalized so you can add that personal touch that will make the difference. This is why it is a small accessory easy to make and very used in different celebrations to offer a little detail to the guests.


  • With our magnetic paper, you can create your own fridge and baptism magnets, something which is becoming more and more fashionable and which are simple magnetic objects for children. This involves directly printing a large number of magnets with the desired shapes directly on our magnetic paper. Then, you just have to cut the small personalized magnets with the photo and the date of the event, then give them to all the assistants as a thank you and in small detail for the souvenir. By sticking them in the fridge, they will always have it in view and will keep a good memory of this event.


Can magnetic DIY be made with neodymium magnets?

Of course, these are smaller magnets, but with a strong adhesive force. This allows them to be practical and easy to attach to any invention made. We have magnetic disks of different sizes, magnets with stickers, magnets with hook and different types of magnets with rounded shape.


  • Neodymium magnets have fairly common uses for making workshops or DIY activities to create magnetic accessories or small magnetized toys. But there are still other products to convert objects into magnets.


  • Use our sticker magnets to "convert" ordinary objects into magnets. In this way, you will give them a magnetic touch that will be easy to join with other materials that are too.


Being a quality product, without sharp edges, flexible and light, self-adhesive magnets are perfect for children. Baby magnets are an addition to the usefulness of educational and recreational materials for children of all ages. Of course, being the smallest in the house, whenever they play and make items with cheap fridge magnets, they must be under the supervision of a responsible adult to avoid any type of risk or dangerous situation. that could happen.

Where to buy cheap magnets for handmade crafts?

In our online magnet shop, we offer you different easy ideas for simple crafts, DIY for your children and for decorations.

  • You can optimize the workplace and create improvised supports or boxes to store things. You just need to look for small iron boxes (like tea boxes) and with the help of our magnetic strips, stick them to the wall. This way you have a new location to store pencils, pens and papers.

We all had these sticky letters in thin, flexible colors when we were kids. Now you can make them very quickly and easily. You just need to use our magnetic paper and write the letters you want to make. Finally you will just have to cut the letters and voila! A small manual workshop with magnets for children very simple and educational that will keep them busy for a long time.


Now that you have different letters, you can also take advantage of this manual activity with magnets for children to learn geometric shapes, words and even sentences. With this same concept, you can also teach them numbers and different simple math operations such as addition and subtraction.


If you want to hang cards, messages and drawings in the fridge, we have the solution. It is a workshop for children called "Magnetic clothespin". Just have a few clothespin (wood or plastic) on hand. The first step is to line the table with newspaper to prevent staining, then paint the tweezers in different colors. Once they have dried well, cut a few small pieces of the magnetic tape and stick it on one of the two sides of each clothespin. Now you just have to place it on a magnetic surface and use it as a support to hang drawings, notes, a shopping list, etc.


  • If you want to stick messages and useful things that you want to remember, it is best to use our magnetic labels.


Another activity with magnets is called "shapes and colors". As we explained for some other DIY workshops, we start by taking our magnetic paper. Then, different geometric shapes are cut out so that children can paint them in different colors. In this way, they will learn the different shapes and play by drawing and trying to join them.


In our store, we have all kinds of supports to make these objects and many others with small and large magnets at the best price. Discover and invent new ways of entertainment for children and adults.


If you need more information on the measurements, strength and different uses of our wide variety of magnets, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling the telephone number that appears below on the left of our site On the web or by sending us an email directly.