Neodymium Magnets 

Super strong neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnets along with the samarium magnets are known as rare earth magnets and represent the latest generation of magnetic materials. The properties of these magnets are far superior to traditional ones and they are currently the most powerful on the market. Their high coercivity and high remanence allow new designs and the possibility of increasing their field of application where space is limited or where a strong magnetic field is required.


Disc magnets neodymium

Up to 140 kg adhesive force

Block magnets (Neo)

Up to 200 kg adhesive force

Ring magnets Neodymium

Diameter from 6 to 60 mm

Segment magnets

Ideal for engines

Pot magnets Neodymium

Cup magnet for glueing instead of screwing.

Exterior Thread

Magnets with steel pot and threaded stem

Interior Thread

Hooks, eyelets, etc. can be screwed into the socket.

Magnetic Hook
Hook magnets for hanging up objects.
with rubber coating
Protect delicate surfaces from scratches.

Neodymium magnets, the most powerful magnets in the world

Neodymium magnets are ideal for indoors applications, they can be used in small places where a large clamping force is required. On the other hand, if what you need is a magnet to be used outdoors and to resist extreme temperatures without rusting, the best option would be to use ferrite magnets. They are cheaper magnets and they resist temperatures of more than 80º.

For outdoor use of neodymium magnets we recommend our rubber coated magnets.

We also have neodymium pot magnets with different shapes and sizes depending on the application required.

The neodymium magnets are very powerful, be careful not to zoom according to the magnet to the light or water meter as for example the neodymium block 50 x 50 x 25 mm

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